Business and Personal Challenges

Sometimes the biggest challenges in our business lives are personal ones. Although you may often feel alone in this because it’s not always something that can be discussed in a purely professional meeting, it’s likely that many of our business mentors have been in similar circumstances to you.  We can find you the right mentor to help you deal with the family, health and relationship issues that can stand in the way of moving forward and achieving success.

Try our coaching and mentoring program and not only will you succeed with business but also personally.  Our coaches are fully trained NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) practitioners to assist you to know yourself.

Practical business advice that really works can be made available to assist the directors/owners of small to medium sized businesses in virtually every way possible. Northern Business Associates Ltd become a business friend to provide an advice line to the supported company.  

Business Support

Independent businesses are the life-blood of the UK economy and we can help you on the way to making your business idea become a reality. We have mentors from specialist organisations who are focused on helping so there there will be someone to advise you whatever your age, background or personal circumstances.  We find the type and level of support and gear it to the needs and objectives of each client business. The first meeting is free of charge, and there is no obligation whatsoever, it’s an opportunity to have a chat to another director in complete confidence. If any ideas or improvement areas are identified we may be able to point the managing director / owner in the right direction for the right help, but nothing is for sale during the meeting.

With over 50 highly skilled consultants we can offer effective business support through mature senior executives and experienced business advisers. We can help you to find the right solutions to achieve your objectives. Unlike major consultancy practices we are willing to fulfill the needs of businesses at a cost appropriate to a small medium sized business. We provide a framework to directors and owners of Small and Medium sized businesses so they can develop their skills and focus on the Future as well as the Now

Business Mentoring and Advice

Whether you are starting up, scaling up or “selling up” your business or enterprise, our organization and mentors will point you in the direction of the best and most relevant resources for you and will be able to give you practical, real life advice that works. We’re here to help you answer those questions you didn’t know who to ask or how. We’re ready to help you do business.